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What We Offer

At Metropolitan Home Inspections, we know that your home or small business is one of your most valuable assets. That’s why we treat every inspection with the utmost care and attention. We use the latest tools and techniques to provide you with a comprehensive and accurate assessment of the property’s condition. Our reports are detailed, easy to read, and include photos and recommendations. Below are services we offer with.

Home Inspection

Accurate Picture of your property

A home inspection is a visual examination of the physical structure and major systems of a property. It covers the roof, exterior, interior, foundation, basement, attic, plumbing, electrical, heating, cooling, ventilation, insulation, and more. A home inspection can help you identify any defects or problems that may affect the safety, functionality, or value of the property. Our home inspections are performed by certified and experienced inspectors who follow the standards of practice and code of ethics of the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI).


Systems Inspection

A system inspection is a focused examination of a specific system or component of a property. It covers only the system or component that you request and does not include any other areas of the property. A system inspection can help you evaluate the condition and performance of a particular system or component that may be of concern to you or that may require special attention. A system inspection can also help you plan for future maintenance or repairs. Our system inspections are performed by certified and experienced inspectors.


Professional Reports

Receive a comprehensive summary

A professional report is a written document that summarizes the findings and recommendations of our home or system inspection. It includes a detailed description of the inspected areas, any defects or problems observed, and any suggestions for improvement or correction. It also includes photos and illustrations to help you understand the issues and their implications. A professional report can help you document the condition and value of the property, negotiate with the seller or buyer, obtain financing or insurance, and plan for future maintenance or repairs. 



We want our customers to be informed on prices for specific services or additional ones. 

Fees for Standard Home Inspection Services

Please call for quote, as we need additional information about the property in order to quote our fee. For example: the house may have multiple heating or cooling systems, water heaters or out-buildings, etc. Also, this will allow us to communicate and have the opportunity to discuss any questions or concerns you may have with the home or inspection process. In addition, we may ask if you would want a Radon test as well, which is an additional fee.

Fees for Additional Inspection Services

Radon testing with Inspection $175

Radon testing without Inspection $205

Consulting Fee $145/hr with a 2 hr minimum

Additional Services

Are you looking to find extra services we offer? Check out our additional services below.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide our customers with the highest quality of home inspection services in the industry. We are dedicated to delivering personalized, professional, and reliable reports that help them make informed and confident decisions about their properties. We strive to exceed their expectations and earn their trust and loyalty. 

Providing high-quality home inspection services

We Deliver personalized-professional reports

Earning our customers trust and loyalty